The Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (EGC) is the ecclesiastic arm of OTO, its primary goal being the administration of sacraments and continuation of the Gnostic Tradition by celebrating both it and the OTO's central ceremony, the Gnostic Mass. Our Encampment celebrates the Gnostic Mass several times a month, with Private Gnostic Masses are open to Initiate members of OTO only and Public Masses open to non-initiates by Invitation. 

We are also able to offer the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation in EGC, and our officers include an Ordained Priest, Priestess, and Deacon(s) of EGC.

While first-time congregants are not expected to know the following, familiarity with the following is encouraged: 
The Gnostic MassThe Anthem, and 
The Creed of the Thelemites

Gnostic Mass Temple
A sun-spring of information on the EGC and its ceremonies can be studied in the writings of 
Bishop T Polyphilus and Bishop T Apiryon.